8/27/2010: ‘New urbanism’ of Eagle Village gives hope


Date published: 8/27/2010

When driving by Eagle Village on my three-mile journey to the grocery store, I am reminded of and hopeful for the future of America and of our region through successful urban planning.

Trending development towards the “new urbanism” and successful “Traditional City” style projects is key for successful transition of our country into the future, when fuel costs and energy will be more expensive and resources more scarce.

UMW’s successful effort at urban planning is a step in the right direction that inculcates the students–our future leaders–with progressive attitudes towards planning and development.

I am proud that our region and UMW are taking a leap in this direction; am glad to see that young folks will see the benefits in this style of development; and am confident that this new environment of living will, to some degree, influence how future generations choose to shape their towns, villages, and homes.

Withers “Webb” Moncure III

Date published: 8/27/2010

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