Babaganoush Mediterranean Grill

Service: Mediterranean Cuisine

Location: 1115 Jefferson Davis Highway
Fredericksburg, VA 22401-4415

Hours: Mon–Sat 9–10; Sun 12–6

Phone: (540) 479-1123

At Babaganoush Mediterranean Grill, we have combined traditional Mediterranean and traditional Indian spices in one and the results are grilled Mediterranean shish-kabob. Our spicy broiled potato stuffing inside crispy flour dough served with spicy chutney.  Our Shami Kebab burger made out of beef and freshly minced chickpeas served with grilled onions and mushrooms would surely challenge your taste buds. Just like the name says if you like eggplant, you will love our Babaganoush.  It’s a common Mediterranean dip made with Grilled Egg plant, Tahini, Garlic, Olive Oil and spices.  It is usually eaten with pita bread Naan.

Our menu also includes chicken and Steak curry made with all natural organic tomato sauce, organic spinach, fresh garlic, and ginger and all natural spices, served with Basmati rice.  Our menu is small and affordable yet we will not compromise when it comes to taste and freshness.

Mediterranean Wraps- Our customers can select their choice in meats, chicken, Steak, ground beef and Falafel for their wrap. We’ll try to use all natural ingredients for our wraps, including organic spinach, Humus, Tahini sauce (nutty and slightly sweet), natural herbs and low fat Mediterranean salad.